Relevance of Physics in everyday life

Physics is a branch of science that studies the matter and its behavior along with related concepts. As complex it might be to understand, it’s unquestionable that it is present in every corner of our life. From the first step in the morning to going to bed at night, every activity involves physics. Since we are surrounded by matter and physics is the study of it, it is logical that it is ever-present. Following point explain in detail the role of everyday life.


The age of science is not possible without physics and every technological progress has been possible because of it. Electric toothbrush and trimmers reduce time and effort taken to complete tasks. Kitchens are now modular equipped with induction cookers which are safer and easier to use. Dishwasher quickly cleans the utensils and steam mops clean homes efficiently. Houses install solar panels for drawing electricity while saving the environment. Buildings in cold areas are designed with glass on the outer structure to trap heat inside and reduce air conditioning. Factories are equipped with larger and highly efficient machines. The manufacturing of all these products and there use involves physics. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology is the field which has seen the most progress and physics has been central to it.


Modern cars use solar energy and induction motors. The benefit is lesser costs, more speed, and environmental protection. Trains have adopted the use of solar panels to adhere to their electrical needs without polluting the environment. The energy from renewable sources is utilized to reduce dependency on coal and fossil fuels. The use of wheel also involves physics. Airplanes involve Bernoulli’s theorem and Newton’s law of motion to fly from one place to another. Driving these automobiles requires basic knowledge of physics. Building these modes of transportation also requires it, from planning to construction.


Communicating through mobile phones or computers comprises of high-level physics. The network established between two devices connected by servers and towers is due to it. The credit of building servers, towers, and devices of communication goes to physics. Talking to someone is technically the voice generated by a certain pitch travels from our mouth through the air to the listener’s ear where it understood.

Natural Purposes

Natural things like walking, eating, opening or closing a door, watching, etc. all have contributions to physics. While walking, we shift our weight from one leg to another to move from one place to another. Our mouth chews food in such a way so that the piece of food when mixed with saliva becomes like a small ball and is easier to gulp. Doors have hinges to move while staying at a place and a locking system to prevent breaches. Our eyes work as a camera, the convex lens in an eye focuses on the image, light carries the visual image to the eyes and nerves send the image to the brain where it is identified or memorized.


The examples of physics playing a crucial role in our lives are infinite and in the coming generation, the subject will be influential in every walk of life more than it is right now. It also covers the application of various disasters and their prevention. Suffice to say, this subject rules the modern world.

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