Positive & Negative Effects of E-books


E-books, as the name suggests, are electronic versions of a book. The use of e-books has revolutionized the way of reading. Many universities have started to consider the utility of e-books. Unlike hard copies of a book, e-books can be downloaded anywhere, stored as long as we want, carried anywhere hassle-free and the fonts and viewing styles can be changed. E-books are very useful to senior citizens and specially-abled persons. Children also reap the benefits of an e-book. They can be read anywhere without straining the eyes, even under direct sunlight. We can download e-books on a computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, or any other reading device. Like every discovery, e-books have their advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Having An Ebook

  1. Environment-friendly: E-books do not use paper, so they prevent the cutting of trees. E-books are soft copy versions of a book available in a digital format.
  2. Accessibility: E-books can be accessed anywhere as they are available in gadgets. The Internet is not necessary for reading the e-books. Once downloaded they can be accessed People of any age can access books in e-books with ease.
  3. Storage: You can download e-books and store them in your gadget. Unlike a traditional book, we can save e-books without the tension of storage. The digital copies are kept in the memory of the devices.
  4. Cost-effective: E-books cost less than hard copies, and many e-books are free of cost. The cost of cutting trees, transporting them, and printing the books is eliminated.

Disadvantages of Having An Ebook

  1. Retention: Many readers face the issue of retaining the information read in e-books. The effects classic books have on the mind are very different than e-books. Prolonged exposure to the screen has many health effects also.
  2. Privacy: The companies sharing e-books online can record data of the customer and use it for selfish purposes. Therefore the privacy of the customer is at risk when downloading e-books.
  3. Experience: The e-book experience is very different than the traditional book offers. Many people have downplayed the feeling of e-book saying that it does not have the personal touch to connect with the readers.


E-books have a lot of advantages over their hard copy counterparts. Students and professors are now resorting to e-books. The world is currently accepting the digital version of books because of the accessibility, portability and its price.

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