Negative Impacts of Internet

The Internet is a tool for gathering information and smartly completing tasks. It is possibly the greatest invention of this generation. The Internet has many positive uses. Workplaces use the internet to get orders, maintaining accounts and communication. A lot of companies do their work online, like online stores. The internet has, without doubt, eased a lot of pressure on us, but everything has a negative aspect also. Students are spending more time on social media than on studies. People are always carrying a smartphone in their hand like an accessory. Crimes related to the internet have surfaced. Below is a detailed description of how the internet has proven to be negative.

Human touch is lost

Thanks to social media, voice and video calling we are closer to our loved ones without much effort. Now that the effort is not required, so we don’t go to meet people at all. We sit in a corner and message with anyone we like. Although this method of conversing requires least effort, we utilize the saved effort negatively. Sitting the whole day at one place like a couch potato will increase weight. Constant staring at the phone screen will make the eyes weak. Holding the smartphone for a long duration with our hands will invite complications. Overlooking physical activity proves costly for us in the long run.


Criminal activity associated with the internet has been popular for a long time. Email frauds, money related scams and cyberbullying have increased significantly over the past decade. Privacy of a person is in danger because of hackers. Almost every day we get to know about the hacking of banking and social media accounts. Advertisement and education about the use of the internet are yet to be done. Teenagers fall prey to the actions of anti-social elements over the internet and destroy their future. Movie and film industry is also a victim as their content is uploaded and distributed online all over the world, giving rise to piracy.


Overexposure to the internet will develop an addiction. Overcoming the addiction will be a herculean task. Children are taught the use of computers and smartphones since early days, and this develops a habit of never leaving the gadgets alone. This habit carries on for a lifetime also. We have to establish moderation between using smartphones and doing work.

Waste of Time

The internet is so immersive that one loses the sense of time. We cannot bring back lost time. A lot of productive things are not done by spending excess time on the web. The academic performance takes a massive hit, and this hampers the future of students. Online shopping and various other services online also cover a lot of time of our day.


All these negative effects haven’t been because of the invention of the internet; it’s because we humans have used it in a counterproductive manner. As stated above, moderation in the use of the internet is required. Parents and teachers should educate children in this regard. One must not lose excess time using gadgets. The positives of internet outweigh the negatives, but the cons are very impactful also. We should use the internet as a tool for productivity, and it is our responsibility to reduce the price we are paying for our bad habits.

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