Negative effects of legalizing marijuana

Marijuana is a mood-altering drug obtained from a plant which influences every organ in the body. It is the most commonly used banned drug. The fundamental ingredient in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol (THC). This drug has been used several times over the years for fiber, seed oils, and recreational purposes. It is also known as weed, cannabis, pot, and ganja.

Marijuana is derived from the dry leaves and stems of the cannabis plant. Tests have shown that THC has a mild analgesic effect by altering the neurotransmitter release in the spinal cord and can be used for the treatment of pain. It can also stimulate appetite, relax the mind and affect the sense of hearing, smell, and eyesight. Weed is considered for patients having diseases in which nausea can be harmful. Cancer and glaucoma patients have advised marijuana in limited amounts. There are many ways of taking marijuana like smoking, inhaling as vapor or eating as brownies.

Having these effects doesn’t make marijuana a medicine. There are many severe negative effects because of which it is illegal for consumption.

Loss of Senses

Use causes dizziness. You lose the control of your senses as they feel different. THC consumption causes dry mouth, loss of hearing, taste, smell, and eyesight. You are 60% likely to crash your car when under the influence of weed. Blood pressure also decreases significantly.

Bad Immune System

The immune system is affected adversely due to marijuana intake. Memory loss, cancer, breathing problems and other serious diseases can develop in the body after heavy consumption. Colds and fevers are only the beginnings of the immune system begin to destroy. The body is left with no protection towards any harmful viruses.

Biological problems

DNA is slightly altered because of intake of marijuana. Sexual dysfunction and psychosis is also a result of long-term consumption. Intake during pregnancy will affect both the mother and the baby.

Depression and anxiety

Long-term usage of weed will develop anxiety attacks and pangs of depression. The motivation for life will be lost, and it may be incurable even with professional help. Schizophrenia, hallucinations, psychotic behavior, paranoia, suicidal tendencies are all possibilities of ingestion of marijuana.


A habit of taking marijuana may develop into addiction with severe repercussions. When the intake is stopped at once, the patient won’t improve. Limited amounts of cannabinoid receptors will be required to come to normal condition. A study found that 42% of people who tried overcoming their addiction were not ridden of the symptoms completely.

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