Money and its Importance

In simple words, money is any verified item which is accepted as a mode of payment. Just like air, water, food, shelter, money has also become a necessity. Its importance is evident from the fact that the other three necessities can be afforded only with the help of money. There has been a lifelong debate whether money is everything, or can money buy happiness. The truth is that money has its field of specialization. We need education, a healthy life, electricity, clothes, and a luxurious life. All of these are bought from money. But having money and only a few of the above won’t bring happiness. Which is why it’s safe to say that money isn’t everything, but it’s something important.

Why is money important?

Money can provide us the necessary things. Here are five important things only money can give us:

  1. Self-dependence: With an enviable bank balance, one can willfully seek adventures and make decisions in life with a clear vision. Anything can be achieved with this newfound self-dependence. No one will have any authority over the person.
  2. Financial freedom: With the freedom of spending money (the right way), one can make his way to success and have a stable life. In case a person lacks financial education, they can hire someone who can advise them wisely in matters of money
  3. Better quality of life: Everybody wants a luxurious life, better education, good clothes to wear, travel the world and always keep a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Money is one of the biggest tools to achieve this dream.
  4. Position: With enough money, the standard of living changes for good and brings influence over others. That influence will in turn help to achieve even the impossible. Everyone respects the wealthy.
  5. Opportunity to fulfill dreams: Any possible dream can be fulfilled with the assistance of money. Even the best universities cost more, but education is what matters. So by receiving the best of everything one can create multiple opportunities and a world of their own.

Why money is not important?

There are invaluable things which money cannot provide. The given five things can’t be obtained from money:

  1. Experiences: Facing your fears, accomplishing everything on your bucket list, helping the needy through action, learning from mistakes. None of these can be bought, they can only be done, and none of it requires money.
  2. Wisdom: Attaining wisdom is a very long process but doesn’t cost money. In turn, it builds more experiences. Wisdom is a different wealth in its way. It is wisdom, not money, which teaches us the difference between right and wrong.
  3. Real relationships: Finding your soul mate, building strong friendships, all these don’t ask for money. Money will come and go, but a strong relationship lasts forever.
  4. Behavior: A good behavior will make a different and concrete impression on people’s mind. A man with bad manners but lots of money isn’t accepted. But a man with good manners, no matter how much wealth he has, will be accepted everywhere.
  5. Peace: Mental and physical happiness will contribute largely towards attaining peace in life. Yes, money will help in this matter, but even without money and materialistic love, peace can be found.


So the question is, is money important or not? Well honestly, the answer depends on what you are seeking. Money is not a force of evil which is to be hated, not it is something to be loved. Like other necessities of life, it must be planned and taken care.

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