Mobile Phone Technology & Its Importance

Technology has brought a significant impact on all walks of life. There has been a drastic change in televisions, computers, machines and various appliances. There was a time when pigeons conveyed messages, and then mail carriers took their places. Then the mobile phone was invented which enabled us to talk to distant people without movement. But with each passing generation, technology took steps of improvement, and today mobile phones are thin, tiny and powerful. Mobile phones have improved so much that now we draw its comparison with computers regarding utility. The truth is mobile phones are now a part of us, and we carry them wherever we go. The importance of mobile is unquestionable.

Mobile phones provide us the best internet experience. Browsing through a website, posting activities on social media, buying or ordering something online all are accomplished by just one mobile phone with internet connection. Advertisements are now geared towards mobile phones as people spend more time on it. With a smaller screen than a monitor, people will notice an ad on a mobile phone.Calling and texting anybody at any location is the primary reason mobile phones exist. We keep in touch with our friends and family with the help of mobiles. Video calling is also possible. In times of emergencies, one can quickly contact anyone by mobile phone. With better network reception all around the world, the experience is more immersive.

Social media

Social media is geared towards mobile phone experience. This is because chatting, posting activities, scrolling through news feed is easier on the phone than on a computer. The whole idea of being social is now imagined through a mobile.Shopping applications are developed for mobile phones. Efforts are made to make the experience richer than a computer. Some e-commerce companies offer services on mobile applications only. Mobile phone orders can also fetch special discounts. 20% of all e-commerce activities are done on mobile phones, which will rise to 50% in coming years.Movies, music, and games are experienced much better in a mobile phone. Multitasking helps in listening to music while playing games. You can view latest movies are offered in mobile applications for free. Live TV is also available in mobile phones. Due to all these reasons, a mobile phone proves to be a substitute for television and computer.

Even in daily utilities, mobile phone seems like a god sent. You can order a cab for traveling to places can pay online for it. Find your exact location and the best possible route to the destination. Clicking pictures whenever needed is also possible. The pictures and other files can be uploaded to a virtual drive for safety. A picture and a video can also be shared via a mobile phone. Mobile phones keep us organized by reminding us important tasks to complete and offer services like alarm, memo, documents, etc. There is no doubt that mobile phone has improved our way of life and has become indispensable for us.

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