Importance of Physical Education

The care of our body is as important as the nurturing of our mind. The effect of caring either mind or the body has a direct effect on the other. If we neglect the care of body while filling our mind with good information, our fitness will hamper, and it will lead to a bad performance mentally also. Taking care of only our body will not take us further in life if we neglect the mind. The importance of both is imperative for our well-being. School and college education is programmed for the care of our mind, but physical education is made for both the mind and the soul.

Physical education is the process of staying fit both mentally and physically through activities like sports, yoga, etc. Education aims to prosper both the mind and body; this is why institutions offer both studies and physical education. Separate institutions are made especially for imparting physical education. The effects of physical education are a positive change in health and thinking which we notice after a period of regular exercises. Other effects are:

  • Fitness: The first and foremost positive change we notice in the fitness of the student. The weight is kept in check, and one does not get exhausted easily. Physical education makes sure that the body is always energetic so when you have to do more work than normal, you will not feel fatigued easily. A regular habit of practicing sports and exercises, which are a part of physical education, makes the body fitter and helps in maintaining the fitness.
  • Discipline: The best time for physical activities like sports and exercises is early morning. Waking up early in the morning itself has many health benefits. Sports and exercises in the morning ensure a constant supply of energy throughout the day. The habit of physical activity in the morning develops discipline, and this is a reason why institutions emphasize physical education.
  • Character development: Playing sports requires the player to make the right decisions, tackle pressure and maintain a winning attitude. In the exercise, we move the body and carry out the instructions in a systematic manner which teaches us patience and endurance. Physical education develops one’s character in many ways. This personality will be crucial to achieving success in life.
  • Stress reduction: While playing sports of doing yoga, we concentrate our mind on only one thing. It is a necessary distraction from the trauma and stress we go through the whole day. These physical activities are essential for serenity, and a peaceful mind will be able to handle the biggest of problems.
  • Provides support in other areas of life: The personality we develop due to physical education helps us in all corners of life. Physical education will also help us to perform well in studies by increasing our concentration and ability to solve problems ourselves. Positive attitude, decision-making abilities, a fit body and good temperament will be decisive in life.

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