Importance of Reading

Reading is indispensable for a child’s development. If the habit of reading is inculcated into the child at an early age, it will help him understand the world. Although the inability to read is not a sign of low intelligence, it’s proven that reading helps in boosting intelligence. It is also beneficial for adults also as it proves to be a productive hobby.

Reading good books helps a child to develop character. Adults read books on self-development to become a better person. By reading books, we gather vital information on various topics. A variety of books help us in numerous ways. For example, a motivational book gives us the belief to overcome hurdles in life; a novel helps in improving vocabulary and command over the language, a storybook teaches that demons can be defeated if we have a good heart and nobility. Books on any subject or any key skill help us in improving on that subject. The habit of reading educates us about the language also. Instead of taking expensive classes, one can learn from books and acquire the information and skill. Also, reading various books stimulates interest in advanced topics.  Not to forget, books are used in every class because they are the chief source of knowledge.

The effect on developing focus is well known. While reading, you are concentrating on just the book and nothing else. This practice, when developed into a habit, will result in an increased focus and intelligence. One who reads about a variety of topics will ultimately become smarter. Reading to a child will help in forming a good bond with him/her. The child will communicate with you without restraint and will be open.

Therefore, it helps in communicating. This is a pro tip for parents looking to establish a good relationship with their child. It also provides cheap or free entertainment. The impulse one experiences while reading an adventure book is unmatched. The feeling lasts longer than watching a movie based on the same script. Many movies have been made based on various books, but none have succeeded in capturing the audience the way a book does. A library contains a vast variety of books which will adhere to your needs.

By reading, you will understand the common mistakes people make and how to correct them. We can experience the mistakes a person made and then keep in mind not to repeat them. Books impart wisdom. It can also bring us to a world where everything is possible. One gets to view things in a different perspective and teaches us to get different results. Books advise a different take on a motive and find a unique way of accomplishing it. Books never ask for money (authors do), they never ask for priority handling or act selfishly. They always give more than their value is always more than their price. There is no doubt that books are the best friend one must have.

A book is a gift you can open again and again —Garrison Keillor

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