Importance of Exercise On A Regular Basis


Exercise is the cheapest medicine for your health. Regular exercising has numerous benefits, and it is one habit which should be present in both children and adults. Lack of exercise is the root of many diseases which are present today. It is justified as we are obsessed with machines doing our work, saving us time for various unproductive activities. In this age of technology, we often forget the importance of maintaining our health and end up gaining weight and welcome diseases. The treatment of the disease may be expensive and time taking. Consequently, we age faster and the lifespan of humans decreases.

An hour of exercise will rejuvenate the body and mind for a day of hard work. Exercise works the same way for our body as the breakfast; both are important for mental and physical health. By maintaining our health, we will be more productive and energetic. We can prevent cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, metabolic syndrome, depression and even cancer by exercising daily. We must never ignore the importance of nutrition with exercise. Proper exercise with a balanced diet will boost immunity and avert illnesses. Exercise promotes metabolism and digestion, reducing the possibility of disorders. Obesity is now a popular complaint among the population. It increases joint pains, heart risks, and high blood pressure. Exercises help in reducing the excess calories in the body and promote good cholesterol ultimately preventing the probability of these dangerous illnesses. Daily exercise will keep our weight in check and make us look better. Exercising helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Regular working out will glow the skin and make us look good. Ageing will also slow down as exercise prevents the chromosomes from slowing down, resulting in a normal rate of cell division and slowing down the process of aging.

Exercise increases the blood flow towards the brain and helps in producing new brain cells. Regular exercise will make the person smarter. Quicker learning and improved memory are linked to exercise. Working out also prevents Alzheimer’s disease. The long-term benefit of exercise will be good decision making, higher thinking, and confident personality. Research has proved that daily exercise will rid the person of depression, anxiety, nervousness, and low-self esteem. Exercise triggers all the necessary chemicals for a happy mind which enables us to be more cheerful. Working out also facilitates deep sleep which helps us wake up ready for the day. Exercises like dancing, sports, and gym classes help us to be more social and connect with family and friends. Working out can also help in overcoming addiction. A good work out session followed by a healthy diet will increase lifespan, fitness, uplift our mood and make us active.

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