Harmful effects of food adulteration

food adulteration

Technically speaking, food adulteration stands for lowering the quality of food by the addition of inferior materials or ingredients. Excluding nutritional item(s) from food will also lead to food adulteration. Many unscrupulous sellers adulterate their food products for increasing the looks of the food but degrading its quality. This selfish act affects the health of the consumers. For example, a packet of coffee will contain some amounts of tamarind seeds and date seed powder, the consumption of which causes diarrhea. Adulterants like chalk powder in sugar, argemone seeds in mustard powder and washing soda in jaggery lead to dangerous complications.

Today, you will find in the market will contain some amount of adulterants. Since we do not have time for cooking proper food ourselves, we buy the adulterated food and destroy our health. Adulteration has many adverse effects which are given below:

  • Impurity: Adding impurities to a food will make it impure and unsafe for consumption. The impact of intake of adulterated food can be both short term and long term. But without the knowledge of choosing the right product we end up taking the impure food. The high price of cheap food we pay is an injustice to us customers.
  • Lack of nutrition: Adulterated food lacks essential nutrients which contribute to diseases in the body. The lack of nutrition is not made up by consuming other products because they might be adulterated too. The nutritional values stated in a packet of the product will help clear idea and provide information about its ingredients.
  • The rise of diseases: the consumption of adulterated food has severe effects on the human body like diarrhea, liver disorders, constipation, dysentery, lahyrism cancer, heart disease, food poisoning, etc. Some of these foods can also cause brain damage. The effects may be temporary or permanent. Pregnant women eating adulterated food will affect themselves and the baby.

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