Essay on Teamwork

The term ‘teamwork’ has different definitions in different areas like hospitality, business, sports, etc. But the underlying principle is to properly wield the best features of every individual and then make them work like one organism to achieve a goal. Now since the work requires multiple candidates, it’s a given that the responsibility is high. Therefore the team must work efficiently and the results should be of the best quality. The spirit which drives this team to perfection is called teamwork.

Today, in every sector, for every job profile, teamwork is a quality demanded from every applicant. It’s not easy to maintain the spirit of teamwork. The following points describe how to maintain the essence of teamwork for excellent results:

Assembling a Team

Assembling the right team and making sure they have the necessary idea for the job at hand is important. While recruiting the members, prioritize hard work over talent. Each member must understand the vision of the client. Quality must never be compromised. Make sure the number of members isn’t too large or too small depending on the work.

Advantages of Excellent Teamwork

Now that you have the right team to work, make sure of the following points:

  1. Understanding: The members should be cohesive with each other. This will lead to better relations within the team. Every step in the right direction will affect the quality. When Ford decided to take a huge risk by making F-150, an all aluminum pickup truck, the understanding between the team was crucial. They finished the project on time and are reaping the benefits even today.
  2. Communication: Talks within the team must be carried out in a professional and friendly way. If communication in the team isn’t good enough, it will give rise to misunderstandings or inappropriate actions. At the heart of the marketing firm Design Army, Jake and Pim Lefebure have excellent communication between them which is the prime reason for the business flourishing.
  3. Reliability: If the individuals can depend on each other, they will trust each other which will bring the team closer. All the conflicts must be resolved immediately, and there should be no room for complacency. DeeDee Trotter withdrew from a race and let another teammate take her place. Because she was injured, she knew that could be a liability and relied on her team to work properly.
  4. Motivation: Steve Mesler and his teammates fought bad weather, improper track, and even an eye disease to win the gold medal in Vancouver for bobsled. The motivation to win provides incredible impulse which is evident from this example.

Important Components of Teamwork

Every great team may fall and it’s difficult to keep a team motivated for greatness. Complacency may also creep inside. To keep the teamwork alive, follow the given points:

  1. Ground rules: A set of clear ground rules should be laid out to clear any future misunderstandings. A distinct list of dos and don’ts will be helpful.
  2. Accountability: Every member should know how their contribution drives the team. A constant reporting and observation of progress should be handled to minimize any severe issue.
  3. Choosing the right leader: The one who will give proper direction to the team should understand every aspect of the project right from the beginning to the end. Anyone oblivious to the work being done will act as a liability.

Remember, T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More

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