Essay On Festivals & Their Importance in Our Lives

Essay On Festivals

Festival is a period of celebration which is customary in all societies and traditions. As an important part of our life, festivals bring a jovial mood and a new surge of happiness even in a dull mood. People all over the world celebrate festivals, and individuals of different societies also take part in it. Festivals bring a sense of togetherness, and an overall happy environment is established. People of different cultures and customs have their festivals.

Buddhists celebrate Buddha Purnima. Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter and Good Friday. Muslims celebrate Muharram, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Zuha and also Fateha Doaz-Daham. Hindus celebrate Raksha Bandhan, Navratri, Rath Yatra, Vasant Panchami and many more. Every nation has national festivals which infuse patriotism and love for countrymen.

The following points elaborate why festivals are important in our lives:

  1. Togetherness: Different people take part in a festival to mark the collectiveness in the society. They exchange gifts, give good wishes and spend time with each other which is not always possible normally. Festivals are the best time to meet your friends and family.
  2. Business: Festivals are the time when businesses flourish. Some people do businesses based on festivals. The best discount rates and offers are available during festivals, and both the customer and seller are satisfied. Items for decoration, clothes, and gadgets are brought to gift someone also. Even vehicles are sold the most during festivals.
  3. Charity: The poor are fed and given alms during festivals. Although it should be practiced the whole year, during the festivals, the people are more charitable. This is the most important gesture in a festival which motivates people to give back to the society.
  4. Family time: People are not close enough to their family now. Thanks to a busy schedule we do not get the time for even a conversation with our close ones. During festivals, people go out to eat and visit places, which strengthen their bond.
  5. A cheerful ambiance: The environment during festivals is peaceful and blissful. The spirit of humanity is restored, and people are happy even during tough times. Visiting close friends and family, reviving lost connections and exploring places during festivals underline its value.

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