Emergence and Importance of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, in simple words, is an information technology model in which the user can share files securely from anywhere with anyone with the help of high-quality servers. A user can also operate any software present in the cloud but not installed on their computing device. Today, cloud computing is not only used for personal uses but also for business applications. According to a survey, 90% businesses in the UK will avail cloud computing services by the end of 2016. Cloud computing has transformed the way we use computer services. Before cloud computing, one had to have local servers to run applications. Now we can use the application from the web with the help of an external provider who charges for the service.

We use electricity at home without worrying about its source. Likewise, we use cloud computing via a web browser without worrying about the servers and the maintenance of the system. The concept behind cloud computing is allowing users to access their files from any device and location. Following are the importance of cloud computing in both personal and professional life:

  1. Elasticity: If you require more storage and accessibilities, all you have to do is contact your provider over the web, and your application will process within minutes. When the service seems surplus to requirements, scaling down is done in the same way as scaling up the service. The methodology is very hassle-free and easy to use.
  2. Cost-effective: Cloud computing prevents the expenditure of buying, maintaining and installing surplus hardware. The model you choose for your needs is what you pay for, and the whole process is transparent with no hidden costs. Any project will be easy to complete with the use of cloud services.
  3. Disaster prevention: Businesses of all sizes invest in cloud computing not just for the ease of use but also because the documents and files they upload are not lost. A simple format of a hard drive will erase all the files inside it but thanks to cloud computing you can sync your files over the web so you can access it even if you lose the file in your device.
  4. Latest updates: Cloud computing is a receiving quick and important upgrade making the service better than before. Since the services are not installed on your computer, you can utilize the upgraded service without upgrading your device. The supplier rolls out the updates related to software, ease of access and better experience to give you a value for money assistance for your needs.
  5. Security: When you back up your data on the cloud, the fear of losing the file by mistake vanishes. A confidential file will be kept safe from hackers so that your business does not take a hit. You can also erase sensitive data from your lost device by cloud computing.
  6. Mobility: The ease of accessing the uploaded files from anywhere in the world with the help of any device is the best part of cloud computing. All you need is a working internet connection, and your job will be done without aggravation. The mobility factor of cloud computing makes your work more efficient because we can access our services through tablets, mobile phones or computers in the office, university or home.
  7. Environment-friendly: Cloud computing provides you services without taking a toll on the environment. Paper works are no longer required as you can share the files over the web with utmost ease. Therefore, switching to the cloud isn’t an entirely selfish move.

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