Effects of Movies On the Society


Movies are a great source of entertainment. With more than 5000 movies releasing per year, we get our dose of entertainment in an excess amount. Movies cover a wide range of topic. Action, romance, adventure, comedy, etc. are part of movies on various topics. But movies are more influential than we think. They can manipulate our thoughts, thinking, and behavior. A particular portrayal of a person or society in a movie can change our outlook about them. This is the reason why movie ratings and reviews are crucial before watching a movie. But the effects of movies are not one-sided. To analyze the result of movies, we must consider both the positive and negative effects:


  1. Entertainment: Movies are considered to be the best form of entertainment. In 2-3 hours, you get enough amusement for the day. Whatever be the genre of the movie, a person will walk out more stimulated than they had come. Children of all ages can be shown movies suitable for their age group.
  2. Changes your mood: After a watching a horror movie, a person acts cautiously. Comedy movies have an uplifting effect on our mood. Action movies raise our adrenaline levels. Every time we watch a movie, our mood changes in the end.
  3. Family time: Movies facilitate bonding between groups. We have a very busy schedule, and movies are a good way to spend quality time with our family. There are movies based on family love which are great to watch.
  4. Display of art and culture: Movies also represent stories around various cultures and traditions. Movies narrate different lifestyle and how people live in different places. Acceptance of diversity through movies is a commendable initiative of the makers.
  5. Inspiration: Motivational stories, which adopt the stories of influential personalities into movies, inspire the society. People who do not have the time to read books can watch movies as all sorts of books can be made into movies.


  1. Affects children: Improper display of a topic may affect a child negatively. Action movies having excessive violence can make children aggressive at a very young age. Parents should be careful regarding what kind of movie they are making their child watch. Ratings and reviews of movies offer help in this matter.
  2. Some convey the wrong message: Many times a movie unintentionally conveys a wrong message. Eve-teasing and stalking are topics people must know how to tackle, sometimes movies motivate it accidently.
  3. Health issues: Movies belonging to the horror genre can stimulate heart attacks because of the shrill voice and incidents portrayed. Watching a tragic movie can lead a person to depression. Entertainment can be addictive too so people should be wary of the number of movies they are watching.


Movies are one of those types of entertainment which can be afforded by all. Therefore it is the responsibility of the makers to be sure that it would not invite any negative actions. Parents should be wise in deciding what kind of movies their children are watching. The concept of the digitalized motion picture was initially made for purely entertainment purposes, but it has risen to become an industry. The effects of movies ultimately depend on the selection of the viewer. A good movie will provoke good thoughts and deeds while a bad one will bring negativity.

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