Discipline in a Student’s Life

Discipline is the central asset of a successful person. It is the virtue of being honest and straightforward towards a set of rules which are directed to make the person productive. To be victorious, being disciplined must be the first steps or else the goal will not be achieved. Since the advent of society, a lot of rules and regulations have been set to make the population obedient. When applied personally, discipline develops character, brings positivity and prepares us to deal with any situation. So a student must also be disciplined to realize his/her dream(s).

Life is a journey. When one takes a wrong direction, they end up in a place they never want to be. Childhood is the perfect time to instill good values to build a child for success. When discipline is taught to the child in their childhood, it begins to shape the personality of the child and prepares him/her for life ahead.

How to be disciplined?

Discipline helps in every walk of life. But being disciplined is not easy. The following steps will help every student in staying disciplined:


Choose your goal wisely and they don’t take a step back. All the efforts which will be made must not be behind a hasty decision or a temptation. The vision must be clear. The lion’s share of your time must be invested towards the endeavor so the occasional retrospect about the goal must not take you backward.

Stay Focussed

Distractions are present everywhere we go. They live to amuse us and break our concentration and motivation for our goal. Therefore, distraction must be absent. A little chat, a longer nap, some video games, all of these are good for settling the mind but become a liability when more time is spent on them.


Make a list of the things which are important to reach the goal. That stuff which does not make the list will have to be avoided at all cost. Spending time with the more important stuff will make us goal-oriented and the goal won’t be too far.


Both the mind and body require ample rest to perform perfectly. Working round the clock will bring fatigue and might also reduce the interest towards the aim. Power naps and soft music provide good relaxation.

Proper Diet

A suitable diet is essential for the required nutrition. This will be helpful in keeping the brain smart and body fit. Include green vegetables and carbs in the diet. Refrain from alcohol and other harmful products. All the ingredients of the food must be of excellent quality. Stay hydrated by consuming fluids such as water and fruit juices.

Little Daily Changes

Cleaning your room, dumping the garbage, looking after yourself, these activities develop a sense of responsibility and contribute to personal growth. When you can handle the little things, you’ll understand the effort required for handling bigger matters.

Stay Ahead & Anticipate

Try to anticipate the coming situations. Being surprised by an unexpected situation may lead to panicking and rushed conclusions. Hope for the best but also prepare for the worst. But in any case, do not lose hope.

Treat Yourself

The mind knows the effort required for achieving your goals. At times you will lose curiosity and think of giving up. This will backlash all the hard work done all this time. The perfect solution will be treating yourself once in a while. This will provide the missing motivation.

Manage Your Time

A planned process of spending time on each activity will generate systematic progress. Moreover, spending time on all sorts of disturbance and amusement will diverse you from your goal.

Always Move Forward

Lastly, develop the attitude of always moving forward. There will be hurdles, but the image of being successful should be on the mind. Keep yourself motivated and energized.

Renowned disciplinarians

  1. Michael Jordan was very focused and ambitious about his basketball career. He faced many obstacles but finally became one of the greatest to brace the game.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo battled a racing heart to become a superstar in football.
  3. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has a fixed schedule for his day and makes sure he always sticks to it no matter what happens.
  4. Warren Buffet devotes maximum time to reading, even after being the 4th wealthiest man in the world.

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