10 Study Hacks for Acing your Exam

Clearing you exams is very important, but there are times when we face difficulty in preparing for it. Since no risk can be taken in this matter, the following are ten study hacks you will need to top your exam:

1. Clear your mind

It is essential that you study with a clear mind because a fickle one will not let you concentrate. Exercising, listening to soft music and meditation will help you get the peace you will require to start your preparation.

2. Mind your environment

Sit in a quiet place, use an unusual scent to create alertness, block all the distracting apps or switch off your phone or play an ambient noise. Also, make sure your study space is portable and not congested.

3. Technique

Use proper techniques to study. Use different colored highlighters, mnemonic devices, draw the diagrams you have to memorize and create flashcards to remember the important stuff. Stick to a well-planned schedule and do not study the whole night before an exam.

4. Drink caffeine or chew a gum

Caffeine will help you stay awake for a longer period, hence boost productivity. Studies have proven that chewing gum will help in concentrating. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids.

5. Use Times New Roman

The default font on most applications is a savior because it has been proved that Times New Roman is the fastest font to read. So if you are creating notes on your computer, make sure they are in Times New Roman.

6. Take regular study breaks

Long hours of studying will ultimately make the information harder to remember. Taking breaks will give your brain some rest and rejuvenate it for a better studying period. Just make sure that the break isn’t long enough that you don’t study at all.

7. Give your notes a new look

The same old boring format will make studying very uninteresting. A quirky looking page of information will catch your attention and will be easier to memorize. Include drawings, doodles and use a good font in the notes.

8. Take small sections at a time

Gulping everything down at once will make everything hazy to recall. For larger portions of a subject, tackle it down from section to section, one at a time. But don’t procrastinate at any cost.

9. Speak Up

Reading loudly while studying will help in accumulating the information more easily. That’s because studying loudly makes the same material seem a little different and also increases interest.

10. Treat yourself

Preparing for the exam is a demanding task. Your mind won’t agree to it unless you decide to treat yourself with a cupcake or a nap. This would be the cherry on the cake after a successful preparation.

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